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Apples Web Design is now simply known as Apples Web. We're not just about web development anymore. We now offer a variety of internet marketing services for business and individuals that want to advertise and promote their services to the general internet public in a cost effective manner. Apples Web was redesigned with the small business owners, as well as those with an entrepreneural spirit, in mind. Eventually, we hope to be the one stop shop for those that have been searching for affordable marketing solutions

Here you'll find a variety of services that can help you establish your brand throughout your community and across the world wide web. We'll be offering even more services in the future, and are working to make Apples Web a more self service and user friendly website. While we continue to build upon our site, we continue to offer the same quality designs that features three-in-one functionality; website, mobile web, with mobile app features.

Internet marketing begins with your website. Along with Social Media outlets and SEO services, each website is developed to ensure search engine readiness,  so that your products and services can stand front and center amongst the prospects that are searching the internet to service their needs.

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Affordable Internet Marketing Services

A few years ago, internet marketing was looked at as more of a technical practice, something that was handled behind the scenes. Now, it has taken a much more active, consumer-driven role. There is no denying that internet marketing is important to your business if you want your brand to succeed online, while establishing a greater web presence.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive website design can function as a website, mobile web and mobile app, providing 3 platforms in one simple and elegant design. A great looking design can captivate your visitors and they'll spend time viewing your website. This creates a lasting impression that will bring them back.

Social Media

Search engines have started giving relevance to articles and videos posts. Now, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube for videos, can help you increase your brand awareness to those using social media to search for products and services. Video and image are also a way to enhance your SEO campaign


SEO is the process of acquiring geographically-relevant traffic to your site through specifically targeted key words and phrases that will point those search queries to your website. Location-specific marketing for your business can increase product awareness throughout  your targeted demographic.

Atlanta GA


Apples Web can help you build your brand with cost effective internet marketing services that are tailored to suit your business marketing needs, using the most effective tools available to help you succeed without a large marketing budget.

Online Restaurant

Sell your home recipes or restaurant menu items online, with your own website and mobile app menu!. Start your own online restaurant and accept credit cards and Paypal payments from your customers. All without having to sign a contract, or have your listing bundled up with your local competition.

Online Portfolios (Madfolios)

A staple product that's here to stay. Great looking portfolio web designs, designed to showcase your particular skills and talents across the world wide web. Great for Photographers, Models, Artists, and You!. Complete with mobile-ready picture gallery, with options such as real time online chat.

Resumes & CV's

Create your resume or CV and we'll host it for you. A great way to stand out to potential employers. Most employers today will request a link to your online CV, preferring them over the traditional paper resume. It also eliminates the need to email your resume to every employer, when sending a simple shortlink to your online cv. (Coming Soon).

Buffalo NY


It's not just businesses that could use business services. Cost effective marketing can help anyone do more while establishing brand recognition throughout your community.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is the most effective way to promote your products and services. Your video will engage them for a substantial amount of time, gaining the trust of the prospect, which is the fastest way to convert your audience into happy customers and clients.

Logo Design / Branding

Brand recognition is what seperates you from your competition, so having a logo to represent your brand is as important than any other aspect of marketing your business. A logo is the most important representation of your business; it is the one thing most people will remember most about your company.

E-Commerce Website

Have great products or services to sell, but don't know how to present them to your prospects? An E-commerce website can help you to present your greatproducts online, where prospects can get an upclose and personal insight on your products and services, while helping to increase your bottom line.

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