Complete Internet Marketing Promotion

Get a Mobile-Ready Website, Local SEO, & Social Media...Pay Just $450 Monthly For The Combined Services*

* Pay one monthly fee for all the internet marketing services listed below for one (1) year.

Responsive Website

A responsive designed website features all of the same functions as a Website, Mobile Web, & Mobile App does. This means you'll have all-in-one marketing capabilities across all devices.

Local SEO Campaign.

Get found on the major search engines for your products and services. Google search, Google Maps and a Google+ page for content will enable the locals to find you.

Social Media

Google, Facebook, and Twitter will help you expand your company's reach, and can help start an online community around your products and services.

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Your Internet Marketing Package Includes:

Responsive Web Design

Your website will include: Up to six (6) pages developed using HTML 5 & CSS3, the industry standard for responsive web design. These responsive layouts look great on any device and will function across all platforms. They also have the same functionality features as a mobile web and a mobile app. You get to cover all formats with one single design while possibly saving hundreds of dollars. How's that for value?

Spam-proof contact form that keeps out unwanted solicitation and spam bots, ensuring your contact form was indeed submitted by a real person. Your contact form also prominently features your Google Maps location. These maps are very convenient for users using Voice Search to quickly find information from local businesses.

Picture gallery featuring up to twelve (12) images per gallery, displaying images pertaining the content of the page. Just as your pages are responsive, so are the image galleries. This ensures that your images will be properly displayed regardless of screen size. Images are also used by searvh engines as a ranking factor.


Local SEO

Local SEO is the process of acquiring geographically-relevant traffic to your site through specifically targeted key words and phrases that will point those search queries to your website. Location-specific marketing for your business can increase product awareness throughout a your targeted demographic. The elements of a local SEO campaign consists of :

On-page SEO:  On page SEO allows your website and its content to be easily accessible to search engines. No SEO campaign can start without proper on-page optimization. Keywords, proper "alt" and "title" tags, along with descriptive page titles and headers, internal sitelinks, and properly coded "meta" tags are all important for a search engine's ability to "crawl" and index your site pages.

Search Engine Submissions: Your URL (web address) will be submitted to all the major search engines, plus we'll create local directory listings and update old ones.

Monthly Benchmarking: After the first sixty (60) days of your campaign, we will begin to monitor what pages have been crawled by Google, what keywords have been indexed, and begin reporting these finding to you in PDF format. Your reports will include: On-Page SEO readiness report, detailing information on your websites readiness for search engines. Also referred to as a "Moz" score, this report gives your website a score ranging from 1 (lowest score possible) to 99 (highest score possible),and is based on your On-Page SEO. After the 90 day period has lapsed, we'll start the Google Ranking report to see where your keywords rank according to Google Top 100 listings. (It could take up to 90 days for the crawl and index process for all your site pages). Your ranking report will then be generated on a monthly basis.

Analytics Report: Your detailed Analytics report will also be generated after the initial 30 day period, detailing where you site visitors are, what pages we're most viewed, and percentage of return visitors, and other important details about your site visitors.

*Some SEO providers can charge as much as $750 per month for all the above services included in your Local SEO campaign.


Social Media:

 We'll create your social media business pages and produce monthly articles and links to news that pertain to your industry. Facebook and Twitter can now share posts, while your Google+ page allows for even more local exposure for your business. We'll also do "Guest" posting on blogs,and other content related sites with links back to your website, helping to create a community around your SEO campaign.

Content Marketing: Content marketing is communicating with your customers and prospects without selling anything. Instead of pitching your products or services, you are delivering information that makes your buyer more intelligent about the services provided by your company. The essence of content strategy is the belief that if businesses deliver consistent, ongoing, and valuable information, they ultimately reward you with their business and loyalty.



A few years ago, internet marketing was looked at as more of a technical practice, something that was handled behind the scenes. Now, it has taken a much more active, consumer-driven role. There is no denying that internet marketing is important to your business if you want your brand to succeed online, while establishing a greater web presence and brand recognition.

Have questions? I understand most people have heard of SEO but may have no idea of what's involved, but know that they "want to be on Google's first page". Easier said than done! With just 10 listings per page, the ability to appear on the first page will take time, effort, and most importantly; patience. Think of a campaign for public office. Candidates vie for your vote and do this for several months, trying to gain ground, or keeping ahead of the competition as their ratings fluctuate almost every day. Trying to rank on Google for your keywords is about the same process, but with many more variables involved. It's a slow, steady pace, but the end result will turn out to be a great business advantage.

The Most Inexpensive Way to Market your Business.

Our Complete Internet Marketing Promotion can help you achieve high search engine rankings and easily get found through local and voice search for your products and services. Let me help put your business on the worldwide landscape and start marketing your brand. Click below to view all the ways we can help you with your business marketing needs.

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