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For more than a year, Google has been preparing for mobile-first indexing. This essentially means that the search giant will soon be ranking destinations based on the mobile version of their websites as opposed to the traditional desktop destination. According to the latest news on Google’s mobile-first index, however, the company is already testing live mobile results. While only a “few sites” have been initiated into the future of Web indexing as of now, this year it will ramp up the intensity. For those who have yet to be inducted, now is the time to become hyper-focused on crafting the best mobile experience possible to ensure that it is optimized for the forthcoming changes.

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  • In case you haven't noticed, the internet has become available to us by the devices we carry with us every day; the internet has gone mobile. The trend toward increased voice usage will continue to surge, and this uptick will not only be driven by mobile devices, but by smart, hands-free devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, even our televisions are now connected to the internet.
  • User experience (UX) has always been an important centerpiece for Google. In 2018, as the Web shifts to become increasingly mobile-friendly, new and higher expectations related to UX and design will emerge. As voice search becomes increasingly accurate and popular, more users will leverage the technology to access quick answers. Our website are designed with you in mind, and your online representation is place solely in our hands. We design websites for small business, large corporations, and everything in between.